A McLaren 570S drive experience in northern Finland

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    A winter holiday in northern Finland is magical enough in itself, especially when you’ll be staying at Javri Lodge. Combining the best of both old and new Scandinavian design sensibilities, Javri Lodge has played host to a who’s who of international dignitaries.

    The only way that holiday could be even more magical is if you were driving a McLaren 570S on a specially designed circuit at one of the country’s largest winter proving grounds. There, you’ll have a chance to push the 570bhp supercar to its limits across two days of driving.

    In addition to the thrill of piloting one of the world’s finest supercars, the challenging snowy and icy conditions will give you a rare chance to hone your driving skills. The slightest twitch of the wheel, brakes and throttle could see your car careening across the slippery surface.

    Good thing, then, that McLaren’s professional instructors will be on hand to instruct you on the finer points of ice driving, taking you through progressively more difficult courses and making you look like a driving god in the process.

    Great food, naturally, is on the menu, with all meals provided throughout the experience – the highlight of which is a celebratory Finnish feast at Laanilan Kievari.

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