Gems Pavilion’s fancy coloured diamond ring

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    Although barely two decades have passed since its establishment, Gems Pavilion is one of Thailand’s leading high-end jewellers, with creations that could rival those of the best masters in Europe. The brand claims an international clientele that spans Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Spectacular diamond jewellery is a cornerstone of its collections, with fancy coloured diamonds being the creme de la creme.

    Gems Pavilion is offering one Robb Report reader a chance to own one of its masterpieces and visit the workshop where the piece came to life. Pastel-hued stones are celebrated in this 18k white gold ring consisting of Asscher-cut blue, pink and yellow diamonds, the former two weighing 1.32 carats and the latter, 1.33 carats. A halo of white diamonds around each stone brings out their subtle colours.


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"No pressure, no diamonds."

Mary Case