Burmester’s all-in-one home entertainment system

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    Burmester has released its first all-in-one home-music system: the Burmester Phase 3. It features the German hi-fi brand’s new 161 receiver, which combines a preamplifier, a 120-watt power amplifier and a music server. Phase 3 also includes a pair of Burmester’s new B15 loudspeakers. The receiver and speakers are available only in this system.

    The 161 is based on Burmester’s 151 MusicCenter and has a CD drive and two-terabyte hard drive. It offers easy streaming from home computer networks, digital devices and online music services. Its reference-grade digital-to-analogue converter can process resolutions as high as 24 bits/192kHz. And it’s equipped with a slew of digital and analogue ports. The 161 also allows you to control the entire system with Burmester’s iPad app.

    The B15 loudspeakers are compact but mighty. Each is 41cm tall but can hit chest-rattling lows down to 40Hz. The speaker’s ribbon-based Air Motion Transformer tweeter offers an ultra-quick response for crisp, room-filling highs.

    Phase 3’s rack creates an optimal listening angle in any space and has room for additional components or music sources. The system is available in a variety of styles and finishes, including retro, steampunk and chrome. You also can order a completely custom finish.

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