Why Your Photography Enthusiast Buddy Would Love To Receive The Leica M10 This Christmas

Leica M10
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Classic Snaps

The Leica M10 is the latest in a long line of fabled rangefinder models that go back to the 1950s. As the most technically advanced camera, the M10 introduces Wi-Fi connectivity, shoots up to five frames per second and, for the first time since the M line-up went digital in 2006 with the M8, is now as slim as its film equivalent.

And even just holding it is an experience in itself. A triumph of bauhaus industrial design, the M10 has barely changed in its half-century life, still instantly recognisable as a Leica M camera. Much like a Porsche 911, really. Some people will lament the glacial pace of innovation with the M10, but quite frankly, if something was that close to perfect to begin with, sea changes are irrelevant.


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Published 8th December 2017