Hermes Eau de Citron Noir: Price and scent notes

Hermes Eau de Citron Noir
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A dark, intriguing medley of citrus fruits characterises the luxury French brand’s new cologne

A crisp and radical fragrance joins the spectrum of Hermes Colognes’ rainbow this April with the launch of Eau de Citron Noir — the house’s midday-to-midnight cologne. Stylishly constructed by Christine Nagel — who happens to be Hermes’ first female perfumer — the cologne (from SGD$132 for a 50ml eau de cologne natural spray) offers a surprisingly persistent and tenacious freshness, tempered with a subtle smokiness.

As Nagel herself explains, what began as an exercise to bring a contemporary, vibrant twist to the original Hermes Cologne, Eau d’Orange Verte, has resulted in the creation of a crystalline yet resilient fragrance. “Following a path through the olfactory universe of hesperidia led me into a vast world, dotted with surprises, with citrus fruits," she relates. “Finger lime, Buddha’s hand fruit, Eureka lemon, kaffir lime — so many unusual varieties of citrus appealed to me, but it was the smoky and distinguished black lime that finally stood out as the key note."

Originally green in colour, the small and tangy lime gives off a unique and almost metallic scent, wavering between full-bodied fruitiness and spicier elements. Boiled in salted water and then dried in the sun over many weeks, it turns almost black, adopting a mellow and smoky aroma. Combined with the striking, explosive vitality of additional citrus varietals, the woody tones of black lime – all encased in an elegant dark blue bottle — make for an intriguing and sophisticated addition to the line of Hermes Colognes.


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Published 17th April 2018