Live out your Game of Thrones fantasy with these Montegrappa pens

Montegrappa Iron Throne fountain pen in 18k gold
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 life imitates art

When Montegrappa unveiled the first Game of Thrones pens celebrating the four great houses in the series, we were convinced that it was the perfect example of luxury merchandising done right. Obviously, the Italian pen manufacturer had greater things in store for the show’s ultra fans. Its newest collection, called Iron Throne, is set to leave you equally in awe.

Everything about this new collection reeks of royalty and power, with each pen boasting opulent, over-the-top, features. For a start, the cap is a display of seven swords (representing the seven kingdoms in the cult series) that spiral upwards in unison to form a crown at the top, where the Game of Thrones logo sits fittingly.  The pocket clip takes the shape of a single sword, bearing a lustrous blood red ruby to achieve a polished, refined look. Dragons and stags, created through tedious lost-wax techniques, are illustrated on the barrel to depict the four houses in the series.

The Iron Throne collection is limited to 300 fountain and rollerball pens, but only seven of each type are casted in solid 18k gold. This means fastest fingers first, as not all fans will have the privilege of owning this writing instrument.


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Published 6th August 2017