Which Hugo Boss Man Of Today fragrance should you go for?

Hugo Boss Man Of Today fragrance
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ScentS of Success

It’s October and while we’re stepping into the final quarter of 2017, Hugo Boss has just revealed its latest Man of Today campaign. Aiming to empower men and celebrate their successes, the campaign is fueled by not one, but three scents, each in an iconic Hugo Boss bottle.

While the scents may seem serious, take heart in the fact that they were interpretations of… an apple strudel. Says Annick Menardo, creator of Boss Bottled, “Fragrances are based on stories and memories from a perfumer‘s past. For Boss Bottled, it was something existing, something very simple that had not yet been made into a scent." Take a whiff, and you’ll be whisked to an apple orchard, one with a light fruity scent that you wish you had more of.

Fronting the campaign is none other than Chris Hemsworth, celebrated Hollywood actor. The father of three celebrates and embodies the spirit of the Hugo man. He’s dedicated to his craft, driven and successful, but loves nothing more than spending time with his family or riding the waves. With his passion for surfing comes scent memories of “surfboard wax, coconut sunscreen and the ocean". He says, “I spent a lot of time surfing in the ocean as a kid and those particular smells take me right back to that time and some of my happiest memories". And while there’s no coconut in any of the scents, we’re placing our bets that Hemsworth will go for Boss Bottled on his way to conquer the waves, simply because it’ll give him the drive to make his weekends worthwhile.

The scents, Boss Bottled, Boss Bottled Tonic and Boss Bottled Intense are available in four sizes, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml. But before you place your dollar at the counter, we’ll help you decide which scent(s) to pick!

To achieve personal goals, wear Boss Bottled

Life isn’t all about work. Take a step back to recharge and revisit personal goals over the weekend. Boss Bottled invigorates with a fruity top note of apple, that soon gives way to a light geranium scent. A warm vanilla and sandalwood base provides a depth to the scent as it lingers throughout the day. Compared to others, the scent of Boss Bottled is noticibly less complex. But that’s how life’s supposed to be, right?

To clinch a deal at work, wear Boss Bottled Tonic

About to give a presentation to clients? This scent encapsulates confidence, passion and success in a bottle. The first spritz reveals top notes of grapefruit, bitter orange and lemon, perfect for perking your senses. A spicy ginger and clove heart soon takes centre stage, with olivewood and vetiver setting a firm foundation for the day to come.

On date night, go for Boss Bottled Intense

We’re not kidding when we say this scent will be turning heads. Not only does it enhance your confidence, you’ll be surrounded by an aura of mystery throughout the night. Top notes comprise bergamot and orange blossom that sit on a heart of rosewood and cinnamon. Similar to the first two scents, this sports a base of sandalwood, cedarwood and vanilla.

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Published 19th October 2017