How to pick an the right engagement ring for your girlfriend: Harry Winston talks us through the process

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Harry Winston, founder of the eponymous American jewellery brand, had a weakness for diamonds. It’s rumoured that he carried diamonds in his pockets so that the gems followed him wherever he went. With the stones being synonymous with engagements, and given Winston’s expertise in them, it’s no wonder the American jeweller is one of the world’s most trusted names in bridal jewellery today.

Harry Winston’s bridal collection is divided into five lines: Lotus Cluster, Lily Cluster, Winston Blossom, Winston Cluster and Sunflower. Each ring is designed around the centre stone, which is always chosen for its exceptional beauty. Side stones are selected based on how complementary they are to the centre stone, and mountings are constructed out of minimal metal in order not to distract from the gem. Every surface – whether visible or not – is polished to a mirror-like shine.

1. Lily Cluster

Inspired by sketches from the Harry Winston archives dating back to the 1940s, Lily Cluster features a round brilliant diamond centre stone framed by intertwining bands of smaller diamonds.

2. Lotus Cluster

Like the lotus flower, diamonds are at their most brilliant in the light. The Lotus Cluster features a round brilliant diamond centre stone surrounded by smaller diamonds in the house’s signature clustering technique.

3. Winston Cluster

One December night in the 1940s, Winston noticed the way fresh snow glistened on a holly wreath. Realising that it was the leaves that sculpted the shape of the wreath, Winston was inspired to create Winston Cluster, where the shape of the diamonds, not the setting, dictates the design.

4. Winston Blossom

One of the latest additions to Harry Winston’s selection of engagement rings, Winston Blossom resembles a beautiful flower in full bloom. A round brilliant diamond centre stone is surrounded by 16 smaller diamond petals and mounted on a diamond pave band.

5. Sunflower

Sunflower designs first appeared in the Harry Winston archives in the 1950s. The round brilliant diamond in the centre is surrounded by eight smaller diamonds, which are arranged in a beautifully symmetrical halo of intense shine.

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Published 27th April 2016